28th July 2010 In the Eyes

The open­ing scene of Con­flu­ence (Akram Khan and Nitin Sawney, Sadlers Wells 2010) is a story about hav­ing your pass­port taken away for check­ing. The bor­der guards watch you, their eyes con­tain the power of the state. You watch your pass­port leave the room, you hope it reappears.

9th July 2010 Frying Tonight

This sign has been on the door of my local chip shop for 9 months now: I sus­pect it wont be reopen­ing any time soon. Noway­tomakealiv­ing is tak­ing a break too, we’ll be back in August.

6th July 2010 Sex at the Job Centre

You can find all sorts of jobs at Job­cen­tre Plus, the statu­tory agency that helps the unem­ployed back into work: it’s the place to look if you fancy a work­ing as a dri­ver, check-out assis­tant, nanny or adult model. Yes, that does say adult model. You could also find work as a ‘web­cam per­former’. “Duties…