22nd December 2009 A Day’s Work at Billingsgate Fish Market

Ear­lier this year, I started hang­ing around Billings­gate, London’s whole­sale fish mar­ket. I tell the fish mer­chants there that I’m try­ing to under­stand the whole process, of where the fish comes from and goes to, how it gets dis­trib­uted, who’s sell­ing what, and more gen­er­ally what goes on at the mar­ket. It’s part of an…

4th December 2009 Care

What’s the fastest grow­ing occu­pa­tion in the UK, quiz-fiends? Well, the smart-Alecs amongst you will point out that with unem­ploy­ment ris­ing, there’s very lit­tle growth in any part of the labour mar­ket. But you will have slipped into the trap